Supporting the Memory Care Facility

Hubbard Hill at Christmas

Dear Friends,

Happy Holidays! I would like to pose a question for you to ponder in this season of joy and gratitude: What does a better way of living look like to you?

It may be living your faith, a warm and familiar home, enjoying nature, laughing more, engaging in your community, enjoying your hobbies, activities with your family, or simply something that enhances your quality of life in a way nothing else can.

For those living with dementia, it looks something like this: nature, open air, sunlight, a social gathering place, a patio to have coffee, experience life in a natural, four seasons environment all year long, with freedom to roam. The same things you do and the focus of our MemoriesMatter: Living Wisdom Center launch campaign.

The photo to the right is the atrium centerpiece of theLiving Wisdom Center for Dementia Care at Hubbard Hill scheduled to open inJune 2019. It is unlike anything seen in healthcare for those living with dementia. Our living experience has proven therapeutic benefits including improved appetite, overall health improvements, slowing of cognition loss, happiness and being a valued member of the community. Not to mention improved quality of life and ability to flourish.

Can you envision your father having the ability to tinker with an old car in the atrium as he enjoyed throughout his life or your wife gardening in the shed as she enjoyed in her home? All of this and more will be a reality.

The atrium is but one innovation in dementia care which is apart of dementia care campus resources which will be added in the near future. In fact, to illuminate the importance of this effort and their passion for the cause, Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Rohrer have offered a matching fund to donations made during this campaign, we call “ThePower of Generosity.”

Our entire team—and most importantly those living with dementia and the rapidly growing numbers which will be diagnosed in the near future—thank you for your generosity of heart.

Please consider making your holiday gift to Hubbard Hill today in support of the newLiving Wisdom Center for Dementia Care. Your gift will help fund urgent needs for the atrium and its amenities, such as trees, benches, a waterfall, and a host of other features of the atrium experience that will improve the quality of life for our residents.

Enclose your check made payable to Hubbard Hill Retirement Community in the self-addressed, stamped envelope or make a gift online. And remember, your donation to the Memories Matter campaign will be matched!

Warmest holiday blessings and thank you!

Patrick Pingel
CEO, Hubbard Hill Living Wisdom Community