Hubbard Hill Retirement Community is located minutes off of the U.S. 20 Bypass, five miles from the St. Joseph County line on the southwestern edge of Elkhart. It is conveniently located near shopping and entertainment centers, local colleges, area hospitals, and medical facilities.

The Hubbard Hill campus offers a continuum of care for adults age 55 or older as their needs change. Our community includes maintenance-free independent duplex homes, independent and assisted living apartment residences, private short-term rehabilitation suites, and long-term nursing care.

Physical, occupational, and speech therapy are available for those who require therapy services or outpatient therapy. These options allow residents to utilize the services as they need them while maintaining their friendships in the community. From the moment you arrive and meet Hubbard Hill’s staff and residents, you will feel welcomed and right at home.

Our Mission
To provide a continuum of living opportunities and services for older adults in a Christian holistic environment.

Our Vision
To create a nationally recognized model of innovative, faith-based, holistic care.

Our Values

  • Honor: Esteem, value, and respect everyone
  • Resident Advocacy: Always advocate for the resident first
  • Wellness: Address all basic human needs-spiritual, physical, and psychosocial
  • Beauty: Foster aesthetic beauty in all environments
  • Accountability: Lead people to make mission-driven choices
  • Mission-Driven Stewardship: Use our human and financial resources to promote the mission

Founded by Children of Faith to Honor their Parents

Forty years ago, in the heartland of America, a light on the hill began to shine. Hubbard Hill was born from its founders’ desire for a loving, healthy community that would foster a more vibrant life for their parents, encourage friendships, and provide holistic medical care. A desire, a wish, a dream: a better way of living.

Today at Hubbard Hill, the vision of our founders and the faith-based values of the heartland are helping us write the next great chapter in caring for the elderly in our lives.

Hubbard Hill Farm in 1975

Rooted firmly in this legacy and humbled by the privilege of caring for our neighbors, Hubbard Hill will be opening a new Living Wisdom Center in the summer of 2019. The Memory Care Center at Hubbard Hill carries forward our mission to care for a growing number of our family and friends who are now living with Dementia/Alzheimer’s disease. Lest this seem a distant concern, one American is diagnosed with Dementia/Alzheimer’s disease every 65 seconds. Loved ones seeking help—already overwhelmed with the endless decision-making and guilt that accompany caring for a mother, father, aunt, or brother—often face limited care options. “Good enough” is no longer good enough.

With the new Living Wisdom Center, Hubbard Hill, a longstanding pillar of the community renowned for its elder care, will set the gold standard for how we will—and how we must—care for those who need a specialized form of excellence in memory care.

We demonstrate our values by living them; put another way, we firmly believe in practicing what we preach. This commitment, encompassed by our core principles of living, wisdom, and community, extends to all areas of Hubbard Hill and will serve to make the new Living Wisdom Center distinct.

We are committed to a culture of life. To love our neighbors means to care for them in the best possible way, one that preserves their dignity by providing an environment equipped for human flourishing. We are building a center that nurtures our neighbors with Dementia/Alzheimer’s disease as people worthy of honor and respect who deserve to live the best life possible.

We are committed to honoring the wisdom of our residents. Our elderly neighbors bless us with wisdom gained through experience, and we recognize that they have much to contribute to their own wellbeing as well as to the flourishing of Hubbard Hill and the entire regional community. Their accumulated wisdom is not diminished by their memory loss; they have much to give, and we have much to learn.

We are committed to fostering a healthy, loving community. Hubbard Hill has time and again demonstrated that the best care involves cultivating community through shared experiences, fellowship, and social interaction. Neighbors at the Living Wisdom Center will share in the bounty that emerges from vibrant, thriving community.

That light on the hill is glowing brighter than ever before, illuminating the path ahead of us and casting radiance on a better way of living.

Hubbard Hill has been recognized as a "Best Nursing Home" every year since 2012 by U.S. News and World Report.

Founded in 1977, Hubbard Hill is the only locally owned, faith-based, and non-profit retirement community in Elkhart, IN.

Hubbard Hill's non-profit model ensures ethical management, financial integrity, and quality service for our residents.

Hubbard Hill provides a continuum of living opportunities and services for residents in a Christian holistic environment.