What is Hubbard Hill?
Hubbard Hill is a non-profit CCRC community offering a continuum of care. Our lifestyle options include Village Homes for active independent adults, spacious licensed assisted living apartments for those who require more support, Medicare-certified short-term rehabilitation, outpatient therapy, and a licensed healthcare center that provides long-term nursing care. All of these services are offered on a beautiful 70-acre campus conveniently located on the Southwestern edge of Elkhart, just minutes from the U.S. 20 Bypass.

Who owns Hubbard Hill?
As a 501 (c) (3) organization, Hubbard Hill is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. It is managed by a qualified, caring staff of professionals and caregivers who report directly to that Board through a state-licensed Chief Operating Officer/Administrator as well as the Chief Executive Officer. There is no corporate ownership, and there are no shareholders or investors.

Do I have to be a member of the Missionary Church to live at Hubbard Hill?
No; we are faith-based and welcome residents of all faiths.

Are there age and health requirements for living at Hubbard Hill?
Residency in the Village Homes is limited to adults age 55 and older. Each prospective resident completes an application for residency. Once the applications are approved, names may be added to a wait list for a specific style of duplex or home in the Village. In assisted living, residency is limited to adults age 62 and older. Each prospective resident completes an application for residency, submits an entrance fee, is assessed by a nurse, must provide a current history and physical examination by their physician, and show results of a chest x-ray evidencing the absence of communicable diseases. For those seeking admission to our Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center, an application for residency, assessment, current chest x-ray, physician orders, and Pre-Admission Screening must be completed prior to admission.

How much independence does a resident have?
Residents do not relinquish their independence at Hubbard Hill. They are at liberty to come and go, have guests in the dining room, entertain visitors, tidy their own apartments, attend their church of personal choice, and participate in whatever activities they find appealing.

What kind of increased costs can I anticipate?
The Board of Directors reviews the monthly maintenance and rental fees during the annual budget process, and increases are typically incurred to reflect the actual operating costs of the community. Residents receive at least thirty (30) days’ notice of any increase. All fees are maintained at the lowest possible level that ensures responsible stewardship and fiscal integrity.

Is a security deposit required?
Assisted living residents pay a security deposit prior to moving in. Security deposits vary according to apartment size, and a percentage is refunded after an apartment is vacated and inspected if there is no damage beyond normal wear and tear.

Is my lease at Hubbard Hill a lifelong commitment?
Although residents in our assisted living and healthcare settings can relax knowing their home is available long-term, our month-by-month leases allow residents flexibility. The Village duplex and ranch-style homes’ life-lease agreements offer an additional option.

Can family members or guests dine with residents?
Yes! Guests pay for their own meals. The Bistro doesn’t require reservations, and the hours vary according to season. The dining room requires reservations, which can be made simply by calling 574-295-6260.

Can you help accommodate my loved one as their needs change?
Depending upon availability and medical needs, residents may move within our community from independent living to assisted living or to our Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center.

Who decides when Village residents need assisted living or the Healthcare Center?
We believe in the concept of aging in place, so we allow residents, at their own expense, to use private home health agencies if they choose to remain in their Village home despite failing health. Residents tell us when they would feel more comfortable with additional support and care. The decision is professionally and lovingly made by the interdisciplinary team, along with the resident and the resident’s family if applicable.

Who will contact me if my family member or loved one has a health issue?
In our assisted living and Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center, a member of our nursing staff will contact the family if a resident has a health issue or is hospitalized.

Do you have medical staff on duty 24 hours a day?
In our assisted living and Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center, we have a registered nurse (RN) and licensed practical nurses on staff or on call 24 hours a day.

Is there a doctor on staff?
Yes. Our Medical Director provides oversight for all medical care policies and procedures and is available bi-weekly to see residents at Hubbard Hill. Residents also have the option of choosing their own personal physician.

Are assisted living fees and independent living fees covered by insurance?
Assisted living and independent living are private pay services, so residents are responsible for these charges. Some long-term care insurance policies may cover certain assisted living fees. We suggest verifying benefits and coverage with your insurance provider.

Are Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center fees covered by insurance?
It is important to verify insurance benefits with your insurance provider, as all plans are different. Most insurance plans, including Medicare, may cover room and board for qualifying stays for a certain number of days. Otherwise, residents must pay privately or apply for Medicaid.

What kind of transportation is available?
There are shopping trips to one of several malls in the community, as well as transportation to cultural events, etc. Transportation is provided by two buses as well as a limousine and luxury vehicle owned by the community. For assisted living and Village residents, we can provide transportation to local medical appointments.

Are cars allowed?
Yes, many residents enjoy the independence and personal mobility of driving their own cars.

Are pets allowed?
Pets meeting size and species requirements are allowed to live in residents’ apartments. There is a refundable pet deposit and a nominal additional monthly fee added to the rent for pets that are residents too. Annual proof of vaccinations and record of health check up by a veterinarian are required. We have several aviaries and also schedule pet therapy frequently with visiting pets.

Are religious services provided?
A chaplain is available to provide pastoral care or pray with residents. Although residents can choose to attend the church of their choice, many enjoy our Founder’s Chapel/Auditorium.

Is there community involvement?
Community is important to the residents and staff at Hubbard Hill. From the young Eagle Scout who created raised planting boxes for the courtyards, to the auxiliary who lovingly hosts fundraising events, we are blessed with a myriad of volunteers. Our convenient location makes enjoying community events easy. Residents take pleasure in attending a wide variety of well-known festivals and activities in Elkhart and neighboring towns and cities.