COVID-19 Communication from Patrick Pingel

Patrick Pingel

Message from Patrick Pingel, CEO

Hello friends! I pray you are all safe and living well in our “new normal”. These are challenging times indeed but rest in the fact that we are all held in the loving and protective arms of our Lord. May He give you comfort and peace during this time.

I would like to share our position on family communication. Please know how much we feel your sadness, and strong desire to be close to your loved ones during the COVID actions currently in place. I know how much you would simply love to hold your family members tight.

Having said that, our primary goal has been and continues to maintain the health, safety, and sense of calm of your beloved family members. That is our calling and passion today during this crisis and every day.

Some of you may have seen or heard about family members going to senior facilities “visiting” their loved ones through facility windows. While on the surface it may seem like a good idea to show them you are still present and have not abandoned them, our experience and belief is that it can actually cause greater angst and in some cases, put them at risk if the resident actually opens a window. This is particularly true in the Living Wisdom Center for Dementia care.

So, given our mission to mitigate risk to resident’s health, safety and sense of well-being, we respectfully ask you not to go to any windows at Hubbard Hill campus buildings during this time.

We provide Skype in our main campus building and Zoom in the Living Wisdom Center to enable you to make that visual and voice connection with your loved one. Feel free to schedule a time to use these services. There are many apps available for devices that also enable you to see/hear each other.

Having said that, I offer some guidance regarding how you communicate with your family. This is largely targeted to families with loved ones living at the Living Wisdom Center but applies to all.

I encourage you to remain mindful of conversations involving COVID. Such information can create greater confusion, fear and angst and a sense of helplessness which can have an adverse effect on their health and well-being.

Thank you for entrusting us to act in the best interest of your loved ones based upon our knowledge, experience, and guidance from the CDC and ISDOH. I ask your grace and understanding when I KNOW it is most difficult. I also want to remind you again of our no visitation protocol which continues in place. Thank you for your love and support of your family members and we will keep YOU in our hearts and prayers.

Please refer to our website for updates and information.

May God’s peace and grace remain with you today and always. We are on this journey together!

Warmest regards,