Wooded Community

World Renowned Yale Professor, Prolific Author and Current Google Consultant, Dr. Stephen Kellert, Now Working with Hubbard Hill Retirement Community

Hubbard Hill Retirement Community welcomes Dr. Steven Kellert, expert on Biophilic Design as he gives an overview of how this concept currently in use at Google will be an innovative approach to health care and future design at Hubbard Hill.

Studies are increasingly finding contact with nature in healthcare settings fosters healing, recovery from illness, relief from pain and stress, reduces conflict among patients and between patients and medical staff, and improves hospital staff retention and recruitment. Evidence has revealed an inherent human need to affiliate with nature that is instrumental in people’s physical and mental health and well-being.

Dr. Stephen Kellert, an international authority on biophilic design, and DJ Case and Associates, close colleagues of Dr. Kellert’s and experts on human-nature relations, explore how Hubbard Hill can become a leader in creating a more healthy retirement community through increased contact with the natural world. They will work with Hubbard Hill to develop a comprehensive biophilic design plan that includes new Dementia, Rehabilitation, and other facilities; more beautiful healing gardens, courtyards and landscapes; and access to trails, parks and wildlife throughout Hubbard Hill’s 72 acres at County Road 24 and Indiana 19 in Elkhart.