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Success is hard work.

Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.

Gertrude, 81

Hubbard Hill Success Stories

As a facility we could not be more pleased with the progress that Gertie was able to achieve in her short time here with us. She went from basically total dependence in every area, to independence in only 12 weeks. We feel this is a testament to the high standards we set not only for ourselves, but also for our patients. Our goal is to return everyone we see to the highest level of independence possible, to allow for the greatest quality of life possible. Gertrude was, in every way a fine example of this.

Gertrude was a very pleasant, 81 year old woman who arrived at Hubbard Hill extremely deconditioned from a lengthy hospital stay. She was hospitalized for 8 weeks locally but also had a previous hospital stay out of state that lasted several months. Upon admission, “Gertie” as she became known to us as, was extremely motivated to return home but as stated above had quite an up hill battle ahead of her. Gertie was evaluated by all three therapies: physical, occupational, and speech. On assessment Gertie was able to perform at the following levels:

Physical therapy:

  • Bed mobility- Max assist
  • Transfers- Max assist of 2
  • Wheelchair mobility- Max assist
  • Ambulation- unable
  • Right LE strength- 2/5
  • Left LE strength- 2/5
  • Right knee flexion- 70 degrees
  • Left knee flexion- 83 degrees
  • Static/dynamic sitting balance- Good/Fair+
  • Static/dynamic standing balance- Poor/Unable

Occupational Therapy:

  • Feeding- Min assist
  • Grooming- Min assist
  • UE bathing/dressing- Min assist
  • LE bathing/dressing- Total assist
  • Hygiene- Min assist
  • Right UE strength- 3/5
  • Left UE strength- 3/5

Speech Therapy:

Gertie came from hospital on a pureed diet with nectar thick liquids due to silent aspiration of thin liquids. She had a G-tube in place with continuous feedings.

Gertie was under therapy service for 12 weeks. She was seen for 2 ½ hours per day, 5 days a week. Never once did she complain about coming to the gym, and even encouraged other patients. At the end of 12 weeks Gertie’s progress was amazing. Her performance upon discharge was at the following levels:

Physical therapy:

  • Bed mobility- SBA
  • Transfers- Independent
  • Wheelchair mobility- 150 ft. independent
  • Ambulation- 120 ft. with a rolling walker independent
  • Right LE strength- 4/5
  • Left LE strength- 4+/5
  • Right knee flexion- 94 degrees
  • Left knee flexion- 98 degrees
  • Static/dynamic sitting balance- Good/Good
  • Static/dynamic standing balance- Good/Good

Occupational Therapy:

  • Feeding- Independent
  • Grooming- Independent
  • UE bathing/dressing- Independent
  • LE bathing/dressing- Independent
  • Hygiene- Independent
  • Right UE strength- 4/5
  • Left UE strength- 4/5

Speech Therapy:

Gertie has the strength and endurance to tolerate a regular diet with thin liquids. However, she did prefer having a mechanical soft diet due to not having dentures. She was also able to have her G-tube removed several weeks prior to discharge from our facility.