Q&A with Patrick Pingel

Patrick Pingel

How are you doing?

I am doing fine and continue to live in the moment and take one day at a time. Sometimes it can feel like preparing for the Super Bowl, only to realize you are playing every day…against a different team! I am so blessed to have such a professional, dedicated, and compassionate team who selflessly give their all every day. We know with God’s protective arms around us we will endure. This global pandemic is unprecedented, so we are all learning daily and vigilantly staying on top of constantly changing guidelines from the CDC and State Department of Health.

How are your residents doing?

Our residents have been remarkable. Their lives have been turned upside down and have adjusted to the new normal with great understanding and gratitude for our efforts to protect their health. Of course, they miss their families. Our hearts ache for them! We have provided digital resources enabling them to see and hear from their loved ones. As of this writing, we have no confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis-for that we thank God every day!

How hard is your working during this pandemic on your family or loved ones?

I think it’s safe to say every one of our employee’s families has concerns about their loved ones going into the battle. Mine is no exception. Their fear, like many, is being exposed to persons who have not been compliant and are asymptomatic. This deadly risk is why we are unyielding and vigilantly maintaining our campus-wide lockdown protocol and universal precautions.

How do you stay motivated?

Again, I don’t speak for my team but know in my heart healthcare workers have a calling. They know when they select this field there is always a degree of risk-but this is unprecedented. My motivation is simple, keep our residents and employees safe by all controllable means and be a calming presence of strength, faith, and compassion. If we remain vigilant and trust in the Lord-we will prevail. It is this single-minded focus that motivates us all.

Not many in the healthcare field ever anticipated working in this environment. How do you view this in terms of what you do?

As mentioned, safety has never been more important to the well being of every person inside the walls of Hubbard Hill. This pandemic is simply the most devastating healthcare crisis any of us has seen. We continue to do what we do every day-pursue excellence at every touchpoint-and pray.

What do you do or say to help comfort and assure residents?

As much as we possibly can to keep them safe and calm. We keep them informed as much as appropriate without unnecessarily alarming them. Our goal is to sustain a degree of normalcy, peace, and connection while keeping safety and compliance at the forefront.

How do you comfort and assure family members?

It is one of the greatest challenges we face. The volume of phone calls/texts our staff receives daily can be overwhelming. Our website is intended to be the “go-to” for all for updates and other important news. Offering digital technology enabling them to see and hear their loved ones has been effective in letting them see for themselves their loved ones are well and being cared for. Obviously, nothing takes the place of holding their loved ones tight.

What is your greatest concern?

Today, I would say it continues to be our concern our fellow citizens become complacent and then non-compliant with government and health agency guidance. For us to stem this crisis, everyone MUST remain compliant, stay home except for essential services, social distancing, hand washing, covering your mouth when coughing, and remain vigilant for your families. I strongly encourage young people to do the same as they are at risk as much as our older population

How do you unwind and clear your mind after a long day?

I go home and hug my wife. I try as best possible to quiet my mind regarding this crisis-but honestly, it is a 24 hour a day ever-changing endeavor. My most important means of remaining grounded and focused is to pray- I try to remain “other” focused-family, friends, and those in need. I also listen to a lot of music, sing and play guitar.

Fill in the blank: Hubbard Hill is managing this pandemic well because of/or by______________.

Because of our dedicated staff and our community remaining compliant thus far.