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Exemplified the Heart of Hubbard Hill’s

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Hubbard Hill Mission & Organizational Values

“Founded by children of Faith to Honor their parents”

Honor: esteem , value , respect

We honor the inherent dignity of each unique person we serve and those that care for them. We believe they deserve our respect, compassion, kindness and our best efforts to meet their needs. We recognize and value the unique gifts, talents, wis­dom, and personal story of each individual member of the Hubbard Family.

Resident Advocacy:

It is the first priority of every employee to advocate for the rights, freedom of choice, and overall well-being of every resident at all times. This advocacy must be balanced against the overall good of other residents’ and our staff and good stewardship of the organizations resources.


Hubbard fosters a Christian, holistic environment that addresses the spiritual, physical, and psycho-social well-being of all we serve. We recognize that every one of these basic human needs remain intact regardless of where we are in the aging process. We strive to create opportunities for continuous intellec­tual and spiritual growth, physical health and meaningful activities for all resi­dents.


We value the fundamental importance of the aesthetic beauty of all nat­ural and built environments and we recognize its impact on the overall health and wellness of our residents, families, and staff. We strive to foster beauty in all our natural and interior environments throughout the campus.


We strive to create a culture of accountability at every level in the organization.We are committed to empowering all staff with the knowledge, resources, decision making authority, and support to perform effectively to meet our commitments to our residents, fellow coworkers, and external partners. We are committed to leading people to make choices that ensure we are the Commu­nity and Employer of Choice for residents, their families and our staff. We celebrate what people do well and provide opportunities to continually develop indi­vidually and as a team to achieve our Mission.

Mission Driven Stewartship:

We strive to be mission driven stewards of our human and financial resources . We value the wise use and investment of re­ sources to achieve strong quality, regulatory, and financial outcomes for the sole purpose of growing our Mission. All our strategic decisions are driven by our mission values.