Early Learning Center at Hubbard Hill
Coming Fall 2023

A New Chapter in Learning Across Generations

For more than 30 years, Hubbard Hill has been known as a retirement community, but our purpose has evolved over time. Hubbard Hill is becoming even more, understanding our calling is to care for and serve our community in addition to the needs of our beloved seniors.

As we continue to realize our purpose, advanced Pre-K learning is being brought to life with the design and construction of the Early Learning Center at Hubbard Hill where children can receive high-scope early learning experiences enhanced with unique opportunities for intergenerational learning. The Early Learning Center at Hubbard Hill will open in the fall 2023.

Early Learning Center Exterior
Child Playing
Early Learning Center Exterior

Investing in the Future

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Intergenerational Learning

Serving and Caring for our Most Vulnerable

The Early Learning Center at Hubbard Hill is only the beginning of our journey to define greater life-enhancing ways to serve our community—and together, our impact is limitless.

Serving through Innovation

Innovation is not new to Hubbard Hill. Today, we celebrate two award-winning senior care advancements that challenged the status quo of healthcare: our Living Wisdom Community and the Living Wisdom Center for Dementia Care—one of the premier centers for care of those living with dementia in the entire country. As we continue to create innovative advancements to create better ways of caring and living for our community, advanced Pre-K learning is being brought to life with the design and construction of the Early Learning Center at Hubbard Hill from its current home at Granger Community Church.

Serving our Community

Hubbard Hill’s renewed role in serving our community’s future has a significant impact in attracting working families, bringing talent to our community, attracting businesses, promoting inclusion, and supporting entrepreneurs. These cornerstones of sustainable economic growth require all of us to do our part, and Hubbard Hill will help ensure our expanding community can take comfort in knowing their personal and family needs are met.

Serving our Children

In Indiana, there are over 500,000 children age 0-5, and two-thirds of them need early care and learning so that parents can work. Yet, many children and families cannot access the high-quality early care and learning they need as a result of systemic barriers related to access, affordability, and quality. 4 out of 10 children in our state live in a child care desert where there is only one seat for every three children. Hubbard Hill exists to care for and serve our the most vulnerable in our community and we are called to build this world-class preschool. We believe we must. Together, if we’re not serving the needs of our children, who will?

Coming Fall 2023

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