Early Learning Center at Hubbard Hill
Coming Fall 2022

A New Chapter in Learning Across Generations

Hubbard Hill was born out of the desire of its founders to be a loving, healthy community that would encourage friendships, provide holistic care, and foster a more vibrant life for their parents. In short, it was conceived of as a better way of living for senior adults. Over 40 years on, Hubbard Hill has achieved that goal… and so much more.

Today, as a pioneer in building a community of living wisdom, we dream of a new frontier for Hubbard Hill, a place where children can receive high-scope early learning experiences enhanced with unique opportunities for intergenerational learning. Our bold goal is to build and open the new Early Learning Center at Hubbard Hill by Fall 2022, and integrate the school’s proven curriculum, students, and teaching staff into the Hubbard Hill community.

When Granger Community Church made the decision to discontinue their operation of the widely respected and nationally acclaimed Early Learning Center, we saw the potential to bring that center to the Hubbard Hill campus and enhance it by creating intergenerational learning programming that embodies our values of community, spiritual development, learning, people, and innovation.

Early Learning Center Exterior
Child Playing
Early Learning Center Exterior

Investing in the Future

We invite our friends and neighbors to join us in this effort by investing in the truly groundbreaking Early Learning Center at Hubbard Hill. With your help, we can establish the new exemplar for community intergenerational experiences and strengthen the opportunities to cultivate the living wisdom of our populations, for today and for the future. Make a pledge or an outright gift today:

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Intergenerational Learning

The Value of Intergenerational Learning

Hubbard Hill’s focus on intergenerational programming is based in institutional research. In fact, the 2018 Eisner Foundation/Generations United study suggests that 92% of Americans believe intergenerational activities can help reduce loneliness across age groups. A key component of our learning is to integrate various populations, such as older adults and children, which is a better way to sustain societal connections and quality of life. 

For the Community

The Early Learning Center at Hubbard Hill is a new, state-of-the-art preschool that provides high level learning experiences and resources for intergenerational programming that will be a substantial asset to the community. Demand for quality early child learning is at an all-time high, and Hubbard Hill will help meet that need by establishing a new model for multi-dimensional learning that brings all generations together on a common campus. The opportunities and occasions for meaningful interactions are endless, and the possibilities for creating long lasting and indeed life changing intergenerational bonds will bring about a substantial change in the community’s attitudes toward early child development and older adults.

For Children

The Early Learning Center at Hubbard Hill will offer children the kinds of relationships that matter, relationships that help them be at their best. The ELC will welcome children ages infant/toddler through kindergarten—the most vulnerable years of one’s life. Expanding the circle of care across generations enables children to discover that aging is a normal and natural part of the life cycle. Children will experience enhanced learning, social development, and perceptions of older adults and other groups of people; the benefits of this intergenerational understanding is something that the children will reap throughout their entire lives.

For Senior Adults

The benefits for senior adult residents at Hubbard Hill are manifold. Professional studies have shown that older adults experience improved physical, mental, and emotional health when they regularly interact with children. The population of older adults is growing, and they are an asset that needs to be engaged. Seniors, like all human beings, thrive when they live with purpose and meaning; they need to experience the sense of being valued. Indeed, seniors have skills and talents that help address children’s needs. Children are a great inspiration for increasing physical activity, not to mention for giving and receiving warmth and love.

Coming Fall 2022

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